Summa & Kian take Ripcurl gromsearch by storm!

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Lombok, 15FEB16- Rip Curl’s Gromsearch lived up to its name by not only searching for the best young surfers in Indonesia but also searching for the best waves for them to surf in. After a last minute decision to move the contest from Senggigi Beach all the way across the island to Kuta Lombok’s famed Seger Beach, the Senggigi Boardriders jumped into action with transport and support and coordinated with the West side boys to make it all happen. Sure enough, the predicted swell moved in and gave the competitors a perfect field of 3-4 foot rights with light winds and yet another great, fair GromSearch was underway.

With the contest having to run in one day, organizers were forced to shorten the qualifying heats, adding pressure to already boiling point competitors. But, as usual, the cream rose to the top as all the young competitors met the challenge without complaint.

At the U-14 category Bronson(Lakey Peak) seemed to be the most outstanding at the beginning of the event, because of his reckless attack at the waves. However, Bronson at the final came third and the winner turned out to be Kian Martin (Brazil) by showing consistent performance of airs and solid carves. At the second place came to be Ryuki Waida (Bali), with a very mature performance for his age group, being the brother of Rio Waida, a notorious surfer in the grom search Events. Lastly in the forth place, Danny Widianto from halfway board riders gave an excellent fight.


In the under 16 Girls division, Canggu’s Suma Longbottom dominated like a hungry lioness to take top honors with a courageous display of surfing and a board that looked great under her feet. The board, shaped by her Father, Dylan Longbottom, no doubt. It looks like Suma is already exhibiting the courage and flair that has earned her Father a place in history as one of the bravest Psycho wave surfers in the world. Surprising everyone with the most slick heat tactics in the whole contest, Italy’s Gaida Legati played her own game for 2nd place when she fell behind her best friend Suma. Gaida hunted down second place like a cheetah, fast and deadly. Gaida’s mature tactics left favorite Taina Izquierdo stunned. Taina, a fierce competitor herself, was emotional after a disappointing 3rd place finish. A lot of passion in the young Lady from Padang Padang. With all this courage and passion going on, Dhea Natasha looked lost at sea, losing her earlier form and falling to a disappointing 4th  yet a well earned place in the final.
The Rip Curl Gromsearch contests always have a deep respect for the local environments and the local surfers of their contest sites. Beach clean-ups and education are mandatory for all competitiors and this year, two tickets to the National finals were awarded to the two top Lombok under 16 boys competitors, Amir Hamzah and Obos.
The spirit of the Rip Curl Gromsearch series 2016 continues, alive and well, as the next stop looms on the horizon of all young surfer’s dreams. Java’s magic point surf of Batu Karas is next on the competition schedule. Make sure to stay tuned as Indonesia’s greatest young surfers vie for the top spots in the national finals and a dream shot at going to the international finals to compete against the best young surfers in the world.
Rip Curl GromSearch 2016  series #1 Kuta Lombok is sactioned by: Asian Surfing Championship.
Sponsored by: AGILITY Global International Logistic, XPS Link and Zombie Wax.
Supported by: KIES Villas Sublime Resort, GUS, West Lombok Board Rider & Kuta Lombok Board Rider.
and media partners: Surf Time magazine, Bali Belly &
U-16th :
1st Place = KETUT AGUS-Bali (19,3)
2nd Place = RAJU SENA-Bali (17,6)
3rd Place = RIO WAIDA-Bali (17,2)
4th Place = IVAN PRIHANDOYO–Java (10,2)
U-14th :
1st Place = KIAN MARTIN-Bali (23,05)
2nd Place = RYUKI WAIDA-Bali (19,65)
3rd Place = BRONSON MAIDI- Sumbawa (13,35)
4th Place = DHANI WIDIANTO-Bali (11,45)
U-12th :
1st Place = PUTU ANGGA-Bali (12,55)
2nd Place = FAJAR ARIANA-Bali (11,05)
3rd Place = LEWIS DEMANIK-Bali (6,1)
4th Place = RENDY-Lombok (4,7)
Girl Division U-16th & U-14th :
1st Place = SUMA LONGBOTTOM-Bali (19,75)
2nd Place = GIADA LEGATI-Italy (11,5)
3rd Place = TAINA IZQIUERDO-Bali (9,55)
4th Place = DHEA NATASHA-Bali (8,9)

Rip Curl GromSearch  2016  Locations:

EVENT 1 – Seger Beach, Kuta – Lombok – February – 14th
EVENT 2 – Batu Karas , West Java , March 19th & 20th
EVENT 3 – Canggu , Bali, April 16th & 17th
EVENT 4 – Bengkulu, Sumatra, May 14th & 15th
EVENT 5 – Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, October 21st
RCGS – National Final – Somewhere  October 22nd & 23rd

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